Food, Security and Livelihood

Food, Security and Livelihood (FSL)

Food insecurity has become a major concern globally with millions of people lack food. The major divers to food shortage include climatic changes, leading to floods and droughts. Insecurity and weak economy trigger food in security. ARDF work to ensure community have access to food, hence eradicating hunger and malnutrition among children, pregnant and lactating women.

Strategic FSL Outputs

• Strengthened the capacity of community based organizations, farmer’s groups and networks to respond rapidly to extreme Climatic condition.
• Targeted population, groups covered by adequate risk reduction systems.
• Targeted population groups participating in adaptation and risk reduction awareness activities.
• Targeted individual and community livelihood strategies strengthened in relation to climate change impacts, including variability.
• Increased adaptive capacity of communities and households to respond to climate change.
• Increase the capacity of community and household in best agronomic practices.
• Households and community provided with agricultural inputs.
• Explore innovative areas of improving FSL of the vulnerable communities.
• Increase capacity of women and youths on entrepreneurship skills to improve on their socio-economic status.