Hai Dar es Salam Residential Area, Hai Tarawa Road. Juba South Sudan


Community Mobilization

  • Creating awareness in the community especially marginalized and hard to reach community.
  • Conduct dialogue meeting with local authorities, community members to send their children to school especially girls.
  • Build the capacity of parents and community leaders to identify families who do not send their girls to school
  • Form and train PTA and SMC on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Engage the community in education program
  • Conduct role models that promote girl child education program
  • Systemic commemoration of key events (girls education days)
  • Develop communication strategies that advocate for girls education and discourage early marriages.
  • Develop entertainment program, (mix of education and entertainment) to sensitize the community such as community theatre, dance, drama, radio talk shows.

Non formal Education

  • Construction of community girls schools centers
  • Conduct awareness to the pastoralist communities
  • Payment of teachers
  • Training of PTA, SMC, Teachers and community leaders to allow children come to schools.
  • Provision of teaching aids/materials
  • Conduct mobile education program to the pastoralist communities in the cattle camps


Education for development

  • Provide Technical Support to State ministry of Education and County Education Department.
  • Training of Teacher
  • Provision of learning Materials
  • Construction and Rehabilitation of schools
  • Payment of teachers incentives
  • Build the capacity of CED on Education management information system(EMIS) and proper reporting system of education data
  • In collaboration with CED, build the capacity of PTA and SMC
  • Support PTAs by training them on their roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure implementation of South Sudan syllabus in accordance to the MoGEI policy
  • Ensure equitability in girl child enrollment compare to their boy child counterpart
  • Provide sex educate to assist students avoid early pregnancy and prevent them from STIs
  • Train teachers on hygiene and sanitation to promote clean environment at school
  • Form peace club at schools to allow students share messages of peacefully co-existence for continuity in education