Hai Dar es Salam Residential Area, Hai Tarawa Road. Juba South Sudan

Food Security & Livelihood

Agricultural Extension farming

  • Training of marginal and small farmers in improved food crop and seed production technologies (e.g. cultivation of improved crops/varieties, conservation agriculture, integrated pest management) and post-harvest on-farm processing and storage.
  • Distribution of agricultural inputs such as seeds, tools and fertilizers packages.
  • Formation of small holders farmers groups and build their capacity on group-based operation and water management, agro-processing and storage, produce marketing and business management
  • Training of farmers and local authorities on coping up mechanism for with future livelihood shocks
  • They will be trained on risk reduction and early warning.
  • Training of farm groups and individuals on planning and budgeting

Livestock farming

  • The organization will also focuses on livestock development through building the capacity of Community Animal healthworkers (CAHW) and mass vaccination campaign to the animals, and Treatment of the livestock.

Fishery farming

  • Provision of fishing equipment ( nets and hooks)
  • Formation and training of fisher men groups on fish preservation methods and construction boats/canons.
  • Construction of fish pons

Cash Based Transfers

Our expertise here focus on different forms of cash transfers

  • Conditional cash transfers: This is a cash transfers given on a certain condition like construction of community structures(roads, storage facilities etc.), Cash for work is also one of the conditional cash transfers.
  • Unconditional cash transfers: this is when the beneficiaries meet certain criteria and the cash is given to cover their basic needs and sometimes the beneficiaries use this to pay livelihood depts. E.g. dept. for food items.
  • Voucher for cash: The beneficiaries are given a voucher equivalent to a certain amount and can use the voucher to buy a certain commodity (food items) from approved vendor to improve their livelihood.
  • To design this program, it is important to do needs assessment, market assessment and security assessment.
  • It is also important to ensure that the target are should have functional market for any cash transfers

Women and Youth Empowerment

ARDF also work to improve the livelihood of the Marginalized Women, Youths, and adolescent girls through building their capacity on live skill business (Motor bike mechanic, Metal fabrication, Bricklaying, Bread bakery, Tailoring, Skills on village savings especially for women, Entrepreneur and many other innovative skills). This will improve the socio economic status of the marginalized communities. In addition to that trained youths will be link up for Jobs to improve on an employment issues.