Hai Dar es Salam Residential Area, Hai Tarawa Road. Juba South Sudan

Health and Nutrition


  • The ARDF provides essential health services to the Vulnerable communities affected by crisis in Upper Nile state of South Sudan. We give vulnerable people access to quality health care services and long-term resources that help build more resilient health systems.Throughout 2020 to 2021, ARDF has been engaging communities in all level of project implementation to foster sustainability of health program


    In health services provision to the vulnerable communities, ARDF is committed to;

    • Investing in primary health care to increase the quality and availability of services

    Including child health, Safe motherhood, pharmaceutical supplies and management, human resource for health, equipping the facilities with medical equipment, management of communicable diseases, mental health support and care for people living with non-communicable diseases.

    • Strengthening community health systems to bring lifesaving care closer to families in their homes through the boma health initiative/iCCM
    • Offering women and girls access to sexual and reproductive health care.
    • Increasing access to quality maternal and child health care’s services
    • Supporting skilled health workers that help keep women and babies safe during pregnancy and childbirth.
    • Providing communities with access to clean water and sanitation while also promoting safe hygiene practices.
    • Engaging community structures in health care system including program designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
    • Improving the quality of health care data for decision making and program


  • Conduct Community Mobilization (including health education, screening of children and PLW for malnutrition, build the capacity of community on nutrition of children and PLW
  • Manage MAM at TSFP
  • Manage SAM without complication at OTP of children with appetite
  • Manage SAM with complication and with loss of appetite in SC
  • Conduct IYCF program
  • Promote exclusive breastfeeding as good practice in IYCF

Boma Health initiative

  • ARDF is committed to increase access to child health in the community through BHI/iCCM activities. Boma health initiative (BHI) is a country community health strategy aiming at increasing universal health coverage at grass root. The initiative focuses on management of top childhood morbidities including malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea. In addition, also focus on health prevention and promotion through community awareness and sensitization on health messages, house to house health education, screening and referral of children 6-59 months on malnutrition using MUAC tapes, screening of referral of children who defaulted from immunization, and mapping of pregnant women and refer them to maternal health care services.

Reproductive health

  • This is done through: Behavioral Change Communication(BCC), awareness and sensitization, guidance and counseling, distribution of Information Education and Communication materials, HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing and community outreaches
  • Implement government policies on reproductive health accordingly
  • Improve provision of family planning service by involving male partner in the FP clinic
  • Encourage mothers to use postnatal clinic
  • Educate mothers about child spacing and exclusive breastfeeding
  • Educate mothers on prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STIs

Mental Health

Due to the current crises in South Sudan, ARDF has identified the effects of the conflict in youth which characterized by street life, alcoholism, drug and substance abuse. ARDF is looking for funding for this project. It will be implemented through: guidance and counseling, radio talk shows, Youth rehabilitation and skills promotion/capacity building center and community outreach, provision of psychosocial support. This is an area not being supported by any organization and the Government facilities are lacking. We feel there is need for an immediate response to this programme.

  • Identify mental health and refer them to health facility
  • Provide counseling to mentally affected person
  • Trace relatives of the mentally affected patients who have been abandon in the street
  • Advocate for mental health issues to donors and government