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ARDF management structure is divided into two parts namely;
1) The Board of Directors
2) The Management

Board of Directors

African Relief and Development Foundation (ARDF) has a well-established functional Board of Director swhich is the highly governing body of the Organization. It consist of Nine (9) member. The board leadership encompasses of the Board chairman, Deputy Board chairman, Secretary General who is the Executive director and the treasurer. The leadership is elected democratically in the general assembly which is conducted once a year. In addition to that, the Board has quarterly Extra-ordinary meetings for policies amendment, strategic plan development and programs development, Review and approval of the budget and the annual work-plan of the Organization, Set up ad hoc Committees to address specific functions within a definitive time frame among other The board also hold Ad hoc meeting subject to the urgency and importance of the meeting. The Board is the supreme body of the organization and is also the custodian of ARDF constitution, policies, finance and programs. The board supervises the management and ensures that development and implementation of projects are done transparently and meet the needs of the community. The Board has a director’s policy that also guide the board members. The roles of the general Assembly and Board of directors are defined in the Organization Constitution, Sub-article 14.1 and 14.2 respectively.

Management Structure

ARDF management is headed by the Executive director who is the secretary general of the board. The Executive director is answerable to the board and general assembly. The management ensures that the policies and guidelines of the organization are strictly followed in the daily business. ARDF management Structure consist of six senior management Team namely; Executive director, Program Director, Operation Manager, Human Resource manager, and finance manager. All the thematic leads report direct to the Program director who in turn report to the Executive director. The program Structure consist of Qualified Education Program officer, Protection program officer, Health and Nutrition program officer, food security and livelihood program officer, Emergency program Officer, WASH program Officer. The administrative Department consist of four (4) departments reporting to the executive director. These departments comprise of the following leads; Finance manager, Human Resource/admin manager, Programme director and Operation Manager.


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