Hai Dar es Salam Residential Area, Hai Tarawa Road. Juba South Sudan

Welcome to ARDF

we are a leading agency in all efforts towards saving lives, building a healthier community, community engagement and empowering for productive and self-reliant that positively impacted on cultural, social and economic lives of the people, that peacefully co-exists in harmony with each other in South Sudan.

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improving health care service provision to the vulnerable communities of south Sudan. Learn more.

What We Do
“Save Lives and build Healthier Community”
ARDF works to improve the livelihood of the Marginalized Women, Youths, and adolescent girls through building their capacity on live skill business (Motor bike mechanic, Metal fabrication, Bricklaying, Bread bakery, Tailoring, Skills on village savings especially for women, Entrepreneur and many other innovative skills). This will improve the socio economic status of the marginalized communities. In addition to that trained youths will be link up for Jobs to improve on an employment issues.
“How we were formed”
ARDF was initiated, as a result of increased demand for humanitarian agencies which can reach the destitute communities affected by crisis. In addition to that, continues humanitarian reports of need for humanitarian agencies interventions to support the conflict affected population given us the enthusiasm of initiating the
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We are a team Governed by the following values

Faith: The Organization will always work faithfully with its beneficiaries, partners and donors.
Integrity and Professionalism: ARDF shall adhere to its policies and ensures professionalism; ethical code and truthfulness are maintained. The organization will always ensure professional practices to maintain quality service delivery.
Governance and Stewardship: ARDF works to promote its policies and ensure that transparency and Accountability are maintained in all level of Management. In this principle, ARDF will always act timely in directing its resources, activities and timely handling administrative issues related to the Organization.
Empowerment: ARDF works to support underserved communities discover and claim their Social and economic needs.

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